[Experience] Traditional sandal craftwork (Making straw/cloth sandals)

This is a tour to experience making traditional sandals.

Cultivation of rice has been popular in Niigata Prefecture for a long time so various craftwork using straw as material is very common. Until seventy to eighty years ago, during the winter period, each family had been making income by making sandals or other items made out of rice straw.

Nowadays though, it is rare to see crafts made from straw and there are only a few people who makes them, so this craftwork have become very valuable. Craftwork experiences like making these straw sandals have become rare and looking at this handiwork as it is weaved little by little is like looking at a masterpiece.

In this experience, you will make straw sandals with the local craftsmen in the area. You will have an option to make sandals using rice straw or colorful cloths as materials. Please indicate your choice of material when you book the tour.
You will have a choice of cloth design and color for the slipper strap and sandal so you can create your own unique craft!

The finished sandal can be worn when you go to the beach or river during the summer or can also be used as a home slipper or as an interior décor. How about making an original sandal to remember your trip?

tour info Detail


  • Making original sandal out of rice straw or cloth
  • Learning traditional craftwork / sandal making
  • Bringing home your own unique sandal to use or decorate your home

Assembly and meet with local representative.

After the orientation, you will choose the colourful cloth for the strap of the straw slippers and cloth sandals.

Sandal making lesson starts as you follow the instructions step by step from the craftsman.

The procedure may require some special tricks/techniques to complete. If you have any questions, don’t worry, you can always ask the instructor who is ready to help out!

(Sandal making duration is about 3 hours)

PeriodAll seasons
VenueMina no ie (5 mins walk from JR Doichi station) 〒949-8551 新潟県十日町市馬場丁1253−2
IncludesCraftwork lesson, venue, materials, accident insurance, English support
Required EquipmentsNon
Event ConditionsThis tour requires a minimum number of two (2) participants.
-This tour requires a minimum number of two (2) participants. -Booking deadline is 3 days before tour date. -Cancellation policy:

Cancellation received within six (6) days from departure date will incur a penalty of 30% Cancellation received before departure time on the day of the tour will incur a penalty of 50% Cancellation received after the departure time on the day of the tour will incur a penalty of 100%


-Please do not participate in this tour if you are not feeling well. -All accidents during the tour will be at your own responsibility.

-About the tour guide:

Local staff will accompany from the meeting place to the finishing point of the tour. All other travel procedures other than mentioned in the above tour schedule/itinerary will be the tour participant’s responsibility.

Straw sandals: JPY 6200 / 1 person; Cloth sandals: JPY 6500 / 1 person (tax included)

*After sending a booking request, we will confirm availability and get back to you.

How To Book

Booking Request

First, send us a booking request to check availability.

Confirming Availability

We will review the request and reply to you.

Completing The Booking

Fill the form we send by email and proceed with payment.

Departure Day

Finally, come to the meeting point to enjoy the tour!

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