[Experience] Learn how to make Sasadango, Niigata’s beloved traditional sweet

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Learn how to make Sasadango from local masters!

This tour is an experience program to learn how to make “Sasadango” Niigata Prefecture’s most beloved traditional food.

“Dango” are traditional sweet rice dumplings while “sasa” refers to broadleaf bamboo leaves. Therefore, “Sasadango” are sweet rice dumplings wrapped in broadleaf bamboo leaves.

Learn how to make Sasadango from local masters and take the freshly steamed sweets you made! No doubt, adults and kids alike will enjoy this experience.

What is “Sasadango”?

Sasadango – rice dumplings with sweet bean paste and wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves, are said to have been developed in the Sengoku period (15-16th centuries) as a preserved food and thought to have been invented by the famous Echigo (Niigata) warlord, Kenshin Uesugi. These dumplings are wrapped in bamboo leaves as it has excellent antibacterial properties.
At that time, it seems that simmered bean paste which was a daily staple, has been used instead of the sweet bean paste as it is now.
Sasadango has been popular for a long time but now there are only a few people who make it and eating homemade Sasadango fresh out of the steam pan is a very valuable experience.

Taste the freshly steamed Sasadango you made!

In this tour, local masters will teach you how to make Sasadango from how to knead the dumplings, to wrapping in the red bean paste beautifully and finally, wrapping the dumplings with bamboo leaves and tying with a string called “igusa”. It’s truly a wonderful experience children and adults can enjoy.

This homemade steamed Sasadango will have a slightly different taste than the ones brought at the store!

Sasadango can be kept for a short period of time due to the antibacterial property of the bamboo grass, making them ideal as items to bring home after a trip to Niigata Prefecture.
So, how about joining a homemade Sasadango making class while here to enjoy this traditional local sweet?

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  • 1. Learn how to make Sasadango from a local master.
  • 2. Enjoy freshly steamed Sasadango.
  • 3. An activity that can be enjoyed by all, adults and children alike.

Morning group will meet at 9:30 a.m. ; Afternoon group will meet at 1:30 p.m., bothe at either Tokamachi station or Doichi station.

 (Assembly time is flexible/can be arranged depending on your convenience. Please contact us.)

Sasa dango making will start right after arrival at the venue. Together we will make sasa dango while being taught by the local  sasa dango master!


The whole cooking session takes about 2 hours from start to end of steaming.  Then you can enjoy the freshly steamed sasa dango you just created/made! 

PeriodAll seasons
VenueMina no ie (5 mins walk from JR Doichi station) 〒949-8551 新潟県十日町市馬場丁1253−2
IncludesIngredients, cooking session instructor fee, venue
Required EquipmentsNon
Event ConditionsThis tour requires a minimum number of two (2) participants.
-This tour requires a minimum number of two (2) participants. -Booking deadline is 3 days before tour date. -Cancellation policy:

Cancellation received within six (6) days from departure date will incur a penalty of 30% Cancellation received before departure time on the day of the tour will incur a penalty of 50% Cancellation received after the departure time on the day of the tour will incur a penalty of 100%


-Please specify any food restrictions and allergies beforehand. -Please do not participate in this tour if you are not feeling well. -All accidents during the tour will be at your own responsibility.

-About the tour guide:

Local staff will accompany from the meeting place to the finishing point of the tour. All other travel procedures other than mentioned in the above tour schedule/itinerary will be the tour participant’s responsibility.

JPY 5400 / 1 Person (tax included)

*After sending a booking request, we will confirm availability and get back to you.

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