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Tokamachi is a small city, located in southern part of Niigata prefecture.

A town along the center of Shinanogawa, Japan’s longest river,
surrounded by mountains.


A village that you want to spend just one more day in

10 Days Village

World renown Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, rich food culture born from a snowy land, unique and colourful kimono, and a warm and family like welcome.


Tokamachi is sure to keep surprising you with it’s charm and new discoveries even after multiple visits.

10 things you can enjoy in Tokamachi

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¥3,000per person
Interact with the locals
地域の人や他の旅行者と一緒に、楽しい夜を過ごしませんか? 旅先での新たな出会いや交流は、旅の醍醐味ですよね。 志の高い地域の若者、おもてなし上手の地域のお母さん、十日町に惚れ込んで住み始めてしまった移住者、地域の歴史を何でも知っているお父さん、等々…その日によって誰が来るかはお楽しみです! 十日町の新鮮な食材を使った料理や地酒を飲みながら、地域の様々な人との楽しい夜を過ごしましょう! 大地の芸術祭の作品は、ご存知の通り世界中の作家さんたちが十日町・津南の地域からインスピレーションを得て作品を制作しています。 地域の人と交流しながら地域の文化や状況を知ることで、作品の背景がわかり、大地の芸術祭がより深く楽しめますよ! 運が良ければ作家さんや作品制作に関わった方とも交流できるかも? 当日は、地域の食材を使ったお料理またはBBQと、地酒をご用意しています。 飛び入り参加もOKですので、Facebookページをチェックしてくださいね。
¥9,500¥12,800per person
Experience food culture
Credit card payment
Discover the hidden snow country bars in Tokamachi, Niigata Explore local bars in Tokamachi, Niigata, where normal tourists are not familiar with, but actually has many great bars. Highlights -Enjoy authentic food & drinks from this snowy region that we highly recommend -Hop through 3 local bars and pubs with a local tour guide -Have a feast with a variety of food and drinks that you can try What's included -5 drinks &3 dishes (you can select from our menu) -Hop through 3 local izakaya bars with a local guide who speaks English or Chinese. -Photographing during the tour Local Specialties -Tokamachi is famous for its high quality rice and veggies, which are fresh and rich in flavor. Some of veggies are aged under the snow or in the room covered by snow, so that its taste becomes sweeter and even more flavorful. -Also local branded aged pork, Tsumari Pork, is very popular there. Since it is bred with healthy food and environments, it is very juicy and tender and contains 10 times more vitamin E than normal pork. -Niigata's sake is one of the best in Japan, because of high quality rice and great sake brewing technique that has developed during long winter covered by snow. There are many sake breweries there, so you should try as many as you can! Details: On arrival at the meeting point in Echigo-yuzawa station, our tour guide will take you around the local alley in Tokamachi, about 30 mins. away from Echigo-yuzawa. The first bar in the tour is located along the backstreets of a local alley. You can enjoy authentic snow country food like radish skin pickles, mountain vegetables, Ochazuke (rice in dashi soup), and local beer & sake there. 2nd and 3rd places are going to be surprises! We're looking forward to meeting you and having fun together!
¥8,000¥15,000per person
Interact with the locals
Why not try traditional Kimono weaving techniques under the guidance of Kimono textile artisans? Tokamachi is well-known for high quality Kimono textile production since several centuries ago, so each Kimono factory has its own techniques which they have inherited and continuously developed. In this special course, you will be able to weave your original stole, table runner, coasters or other woven items by colorful silk or cotton yarns of your choice under the guidance of Kimono textile artisans. For a half day course, normally you can make a table runner or a few coasters; For 1 day course, you can make a stole.   You may also have lunch there with +1,200yen.
¥8,640per person
Experience food culture
Credit card payment
A master sushi chef has created a vegan version of Japan's most famous dish -Sushi! And now it is your chance to learn how to make them directly from the man himself! Sushi which is synonymous with fish to many, was actually made with vegetables and wild mountain shrubs in the mountainous regions of Japan in the past. Which makes this learning experience actually a very traditional art. As the nature rich region of Tokamachi is famous for its high quality vegetables and rice, it is an ideal location to try many varieties of vegetables in this traditional form of preserved food. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to taste and learn this healthy and delicious form of sushi from a master of this craft! Highlights 1. Learn the art to making delicious vegan sushi 2. Explore the flavours of Tokamachi’s vegetables 3. Exquisite food, minus the guilt! 4. You can even harvest your own veggies in the summer and autumn seasons Great for: 1. People that want to have a broader vegan recipe repertoire 2. Healthy eaters 3. Sushi lovers 4. Those in search of an exceptional vegan experience *The menu changes based on the vegetables in season.
¥10,000per person
Immerse in nature
Credit card payment
Tokamachi is one of the few inhabited places with heavy snowfall, with 3-4 metres of snow in the winter, lasting almost 5 months. At the end of the winter is the long-awaited spring! In this season, the old and young alike will venture into the hills in search of the free-growing mountain vegetables. The refreshing winds of spring further enhance the excitement of the search, thus making this adventure something the locals look forward to every year. This tour is all about experiencing the adventure for yourselves. Learn all about the flora and fauna of the region in this adventure through the forests and wild animal paths from a local guide. You can also gather some mountain vegetables under the instruction of the guide and have a taste of them at the end of the tour. Come enjoy the spring with the locals! Highlights: 1) Experience the spring of a snowy region 2) Explore the hills while taking in the refreshing air of spring 3) Taste the freshly picked mountain vegetables in the best way known Recommended for: 1) People who loves trekking and walking among nature 2) Those seeking the feeling of spring 3) Those who want to learn to forage and prepare the delicacies in the authentic ways 4) Those looking for a more unusual activity & adventure
¥9,000¥12,000per person
Immerse in nature
Credit card payment
Voted one of Japan’s “100 Countryside Selection”, the expansive rice terraces of Hoshi-Toge is Tokamachi’s main picturesque spots that has over 200 plots of varying sized rice fields producing the famous Uonuma Koshihikari Rice. As it is difficult to operate farming machinery in this terraces, most of the rice farming work are still done in the traditional ways with the cooperation of the region’s farmers. In this guided tour, you will be able to enter the terraces and see the different aspects of this rice terrace. The local guide will also explain the history and recent developments of the rice terraces. During the rest break, snacks prepared from the harvested rice and vegetables of this region will also be served. Munching on the Onigiri (rice ball) made from the local Koshihikari with the terrace view in front is an experience in itself! The rice terraces will change in appearance depending on the seasons: 1) The water reflection of the fields during the spring shoot planting gives it a pinkish ambiance 2) The green paddy fields complementing blue skies in the summer 3) The golden fields ready for harvesting in the fall 4) Glistening white snow in the winter By actually being close to the action, you will be able to visualize the life and workings of the people of this region. You might also be able to view the rice terrace in a different light! In hopes of leaving this rice terrace for the generations to come, a portion of the tour’s cost will be donated to the Matsudai Rice Terrace Fund. Highlights: 1) Get to know the history and background of the people and region of the Hoshi-Toge Rice Terrace. 2) Take in the refreshing countryside atmosphere 3) Contribute to the upkeep of the region for future generations Recommended for: 1) Folks who enjoy the authentic Japanese atmosphere 2) Those who want to have a countryside adventure 3) Those interested in the lives of the people living in this postcard worthy place. 4) Those who want to contribute to the upkeep of the authentic Japanese countryside Options: Drop by for a soak in the local onsen at the end of the day (600 Yen). (Costs for transport and towels are not included. Not open on Wednesdays)


¥100,000per entire home
House Entire home Matsudai
まつだい駅より車で10分 Credit card payment
Completed this year in the Matsudai area lies Toronoki House. Building on the beauty of the 100 over year old farm house with “Form & Function” in mind, the farm house was transformed into an accommodation facility in April 2018. The concept is “Life with Tanada (Rice Terrace)” This place will serve as the “Communal Hub” where people who appreciate the beauty of the rice terraces can gather for a myriad of activities. The mastermind of this transformation was Karl Bengs, a German architect, who paid utmost attention down to the smallest detail. The owner, Mr. Akuzawa loves rice terraces, and after travelling the world and seeing various rice terraces, was so mesmerized by this particular one in Tokamachi that he decided to relocate here. Now, he spends his weekends here in Toronoki House hosting and planning activities for the locals and visitors. All while still working in Tokyo during the weekdays. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful rice terrace scenery in the morning. Come and feel just how time seems to slow down in this place tucked between the rice terraces and beech forest. -About the stay- You will be chartering the whole house. (Chartering will accommodate up to 10pax) The owner will also be staying at the house during your stay. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy that changes with the seasons. We will be happy to show you! -Where is it?- The closest station is Matsudai Station via the Hokuhoku Line. -Jouetsu Shinkansen/Echigo Yuzawa Sta. => Hokuhoku Line/Matsudai Sta. (Approx. 40mins) -Matsudai Sta. => Toronoki House (Approx. 10mins by car) The place is directly in front of what the rice terrace fan calls “Kamo Rice Terrace”, along the Hoshi Touge. (mountain pass) Just behind lies Waseda University’s seminar block, and as described is surrounded by nature. 10 minutes drive away from Shiba Touge Onsen Unkai. -The rooms- 3 rooms: 2 rooms on the 2 nd floor, & 1 room on the 1 st foor. Each room has 2 single beds. The hammock room on the 2 nd floor is slightly more spacious with semi double beds. Also, each rooms headboard is equipped with a power port and a USB port for all your charging needs! -Other Amenities- Bathtube Toilets (1 st & 2 nd floor) Wash basins -Climate/Air Conditioning With the beech forest on its west side, and also the high ceiling design, the place is cool even in the summer. The place has a firewood furnace and also heated flooring to keep you warm in the winter. Air conditioning is available in all the rooms on the 2 nd floor and the kitchen on the 1 st floor. Down blankets & gauze blankets are available for all cimates. Nettings are installed on all windows in every room, keeping tenants comfortable throughout all the seasons. -Kitchen- A fridge and basic kitchen utilities, utensils, cutlery and seasoning are available. Gas/charcoal grill and a hot plate for BBQ are also available. The fun is in preparing and enjoying the time together while preparing the meals, so please bring your drinks and ingredients (local produce of course) of choice! (As there are no supermarkets nearby, please procure your ingredients/drinks before arriving at Matsudai) We can also prepare local dishes or arrange catering, so please let us know if you require any in advance! -Meals- Breakfast is included in the price. However, as dinner is not included, please inform us in advance if you would like dinner as well.  
¥15,000per person
House Entire home Tokamachi
20 mins walk from Doichi station 5 mins walk from Doichi station Credit card payment
This is traditional Japanese house you can use whole house. Good for big group or family. 5 mins from nearest station and 20mins from Tokamachi station. Including picking service. This house is a bit away from the center of Tokamachi city and surrounded by rice field, that is why very quiet and you can hear a national chorus "frog or cricket" at the night. Why don't you stay here and enjoy Japanese life?
¥9,180per person
House Private room Tokamachi
35 mins from Muikamachi IC Credit card payment
This is B&B in the mountain in Art triennial place. The time spending here is slowly and you enjoy rich nature with traditional folks house. No sounds, just you hear frogs songs in summer and snow sound in winter. No light, no convience store around this house. Local traditional cuisine will be served. That is included in accommodation fee. Let me know in advance if you want it. Thank you
¥4,900per person
Guesthouse Private room Tokamachi
10 mins walk from JR Iiyama Nakajo station 20 mins by car from Echigo kawaguchi IC Credit card payment
15mins from Tokamachi station by car and pick up service including. If you come here by train, please ask me in advance. I will pick you up anytime! 5 mins walk to convenience stores 5 mins by car to 笹山 ruin designed as a national treasure and famous for pit dwelling houses. Amenity Free toothbrush, towel, and soap. 300 yen for Yukata which is Japanese traditional pajama. 1 night 2 meals 7580yen 1 night 2 treat meals 9910yen・要予約)
¥4,000per person
Guesthouse Private room Matsunoyama
Take a bus to "Toyoda" from Matsudai station and tell a driver "Green House Satomi" 40 mins by car from Tokamachi station Credit card payment
The house is super in the middle mountains. No convenience store and supermarket around here. We are surrounded by mountains and rice field and enjoy hard but beautiful nature. Spring, Summer, Autume, Winter, every season is so beautiful. The house is recomened for nature lover. 7,000 YEN, if you need dinner and breakfast. We can pick you up at Matsudai station. Please ask us. Thank you.
¥7,000per person
Ryokan Private room Tokamachi
Just 2 mins Walk from Tokamachi station Credit card payment
This is a Ryokan just 2 mins walk from Tokamachi station. Tokamachi is famous for art Triennale. Around Tokamachi station there are lots of restaurants to enjoy local Japanese food. If you want to enjoy Tokamachi nightlife stay here. You can enjoy private Onsen 24 hours, it is artificial though. A bathroom is not in your room. Free WiFi available. We offer breakfast and Dinner. breakfast 500yen+tax Dinner 1900yen+tax Enjoy Koshihikari rice "the best rice" in Japan Please ask us about a meal in advance. When you come to Tokamachi, stay here.


¥12,600¥26,000per person
Credit card payment
Direct access from Echigo-Yuzawa! Enhance your winter experience at an authentic traditional folk home in this snowy region of Japan!   Hightlights 1. Play in the snow at the private fields! You will be able to have a snow experience unlike those at the ski resort! Such as the sled, snowtube, hiking with snowshoes, snowmobile, snowball fights, snow hut building and more! 2. Japanese Hearth experience Using Japanese Hearth, Irori, is the traditional way to heat up food and grill fish or michi. 3. Local Home-cooked meals & Sake Feast on the traditional local dishes prepared on the spot by local "moms." 4. Snow shovelling experience The Winter day in this region starts with this! Learn the techniques of using the shovel and snowdumps to clear the snow around the home!  
¥55,000¥60,000per person
Credit card payment
Charter this house borne from the passion of the owner and a German architect and have a winter experience like no other!   Hightlights 1. Play in the snow at the private fields! You will be able to have a snow experience unlike those at the ski resort! Such as the sled, snowtube, hiking with snowshoes, snowmobile, snowball fights, snow hut building and more! 2. Rice Terraces Trekking Walk around across beautiful Rice Terraces just near by Toronoki House. Local guide introduces the local livelihood which is deeply connected to rice terraces while trekking around. 3. Local Home-cooked meals & Sake Feast on the traditional local dishes prepared on the spot by local "moms." 4. Snow shovelling experience The Winter day in this region starts with this! Learn the techniques of using the shovel and snowdumps to clear the snow around the home!
¥3,300¥4,000per person
Interact with the locals
Credit card payment
This experiential tour takes us through the craft beer brewing process from cultivating seedlings to brewing with Tsumari Brewing, a company founded only this year in Niigata's own Tokamachi. This tour will be an in depth look at hops-- essential to the scent and bitterness of beer. In the afternoon will be Tsumari Brewing's Beer and Wild Game Barbecue (featuring wild game hunted locally!) Come and join us in brewing beer using local hops planted by your own hands! Attendees can be picked up from JR Tokamachi Station's West Exit before the event. The application deadline is TWO DAYS before the date of the event.
¥37,000per person
Experience rural Japan in Niigata as your special summer trip!   THIS TRIP FEATURES;
  • Enjoy rafting in Japan's longest river! Feel great nature with beautiful rural scenaries.
  • Experience local cuisine cooking. Learn to make Tokamachi's local specialties from local "moms" e.g. Mixed Rice With Seafood (Wappa-meshi), Vegetable Stew (Noppe), Sauteed vegetables
  • Fun party with Game Meat cuisine
  • Try unique traditional bath, Goemon-furo


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